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When designing band saws, we were guided by the idea of maintaining high quality of the product, aimed at a wide range of recipients as well as reliability, affordability and high comfort of use of our machines. When creating the SAM MK model, we relied on passion, experience and many years of construction knowledge. Listening to our customers, after more than a decade of work we have improved our equipment so that it is as universal as possible – tailored to the needs of most users. We have based on simple and reliable construction solutions so that the use of our machines was trouble-free, allowed for independent maintenance of the equipment and allowed for use both in the backyard garden, a small workshop and a large sawmill.

What distinguishes us from the competition is the use of simple but solid technical solutions and better technical parameters than in devices from a similar price segment. The standard version of our SAM MK sawmill has the largest cutting width in its class – 85 cm, which makes it possible to handle even one-meter-long logs! This solution makes our chainsaw unrivalled. Machines in this class have a cutting standard of about 60 cm and allow you to work with logs 1/4 smaller.

Electrically adjustable cutting height is also standard on every machine we manufacture. This saves a lot of energy and time, which translates into greater efficiency of the saw.

When it comes to electronics, we go for simplicity. Our band saws are limited to a hermetic control box, which guarantees the highest possible reliability and simplifies the replacement of components.

We attach great importance to being as self-sufficient as possible when operating our CrissWood sawmills. A simple, reliable construction means not only trouble-free work for years, but also extremely simple equipment maintenance, which can be done yourself or directly in our production workshop.

Recently we were visited by one of our customers – Mr Stanislaw, who owns his own sawmill and manufactures wooden sculptures, and who bought two of our machines in 2006. The machines have worked perfectly during this time, being used for both large and small projects. After 14 years of continuous operation, the machines were in excellent condition. As part of standard maintenance work, the engines were overhauled (Omec Motors Holland – one machine 7.5 kW, the other 3 kW), the bearings and belts were replaced, and all parts that required it were lubricated. The machines have returned to the sawmill of Mr. Stanislaw where they will work for several years.

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