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Be sure you understand the safety rules before you start working

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Always wear proper protective gear! Such as safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust and objects that may damage your vision. Earmuffs and a mask to protect your lungs and breathing passages. Always wear protective gloves!

When performing maintenance on the machine, such as adjusting the rollers, changing the saw blade, or lubricating the screws, always remember to turn off the power (the switch must be set to 0). This will prevent accidental starting (by a third party) of the saw, which can save you or other people from disability or death. The power switch is located on the top of the machine at the rear (SAM MK 2006) or on the side of the control panel (E SAM MK 2006):

The log to be processed must be securely fastened. Poorly clamped wood not only can reflect poor cut quality, but also poses a danger to workers and bystanders. Be sure to use the clamping devices and clamping claws supplied with your saw.

Before starting the machine, check that all parts are properly adjusted: rollers, wheels, saw, etc. Make sure the saw is properly tensioned (200 bar).

Switch on the power only just before you start the machine, and do not forget to switch it off after you have finished work. Remember that the saw can be switched on only when the operator is at the control panel. In any other case, the saw must be switched off (cutting off the power supply is advisable).

When the machine is on, no one must be in front of the cutting part of the saw. There is a red emergency stop button on the control panel, remember this.

The operator must always be at the control console when the saw is in operation, if the operator leaves, the saw must be immobilized (disconnecting the power is advisable, or at least turning off the running saw).

Remember to switch off the saw and switch off the power supply after you finish work. Turned off power drastically reduces the chance of a work-related accident caused by accidental start-up of the machine. The saw operator must not leave the work area until the power to the machine has been turned off.

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