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Electrical system and sawmill bed

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Even before you start assembling your machine, make sure that the electrical system to which your band sawmill will be connected is rated for the recommended 32 amperes. Most households nowadays have this type of installation, but if you’re using an older type and you have problems using the machine, your first step should be to use the soft-start mechanism built into the sawmills control panel.

Using the mechanism allows the machine to start on a weaker electrical circuit. Once you are sure of the amperage you have in your electrical system, prepare the socket for plugging in your band sawmill. The model you purchase uses a five-pin power outlet:

So make sure that the input to which you connect the cable has five holes.

After you have checked the electrical system and prepared the cable for connecting the machine, you should take care of the place where you will place the sawmill and work on it. It should be level, flat and stable. Ideally, a concrete floor should be poured as a base for the sawmill. The width of the floor should be a metre more than the width of the track, and its length, a metre longer than its length, so if you bought the standard version of the machine with a track measuring 1.2 x 6 metres, the floor should be 2.2 x 7 metres. Also make sure that the machine will not be constantly exposed to harmful weather conditions such as rain or snow. The best solution is to roof at least the operating part of the sawmill, the saw together with the control panel, in case the machine will not be standing inside a building. However, if for some reason the saw cannot be roofed, remember to keep it covered with foil or tarpaulin in case of heavy rain, snow or hail.

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