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Setting the cutting line and changing its width and thickness

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Sawmill crisswood wood

Remember to first turn off the power to the machine before performing any maintenance work!

In order to set the cutting line on the SAM MK 2006, you need to apply slight tension to the saw; a pressure of 100 bar is sufficient. Then make sure that the right roller is lowered about 5 millimeters and the left roller is lowered about 6 millimeters onto the saw.

To set the thickness of the cut, on the SAM MK 2006 saw, the tape measure located just behind the control panel is useful. It contains, in addition to the standard measure, the most common sizes of boards to be cut (measures given in millimeters), along with the included scion, if using this option. This measure is for original CrissWood saws (it is 1.1mm) so pay attention to the thickness of the saw if you are using another brand of blade.

You can change the width of cut by using the arm on which the movable saw guide roller is attached, located right next to the saw tensioning screw.

Remember to position the feed roller as close as possible to the material being cut!

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