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Sawmill for your own needs – is it profitable?

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Do you work with wood on a daily basis, but you are still dependent on suppliers from the country or abroad? Timber is a raw material whose price fluctuates all the time, plus the price of transport and intermediaries. In this case, creating your own sawmill, even a small one, which will serve only for your needs is a very attractive option.

Putting your own sawmill in front of your workplace will make you self-sufficient and you will be able to produce exactly as much raw material as you need at any given time. Thanks to the fact that you have full control over the machine, you can guarantee that the wood you receive meets all your requirements and parameters. You also benefit from the lack of intermediaries – both money and time.

Large log wood transportable

What do you need to create your own sawmill? First of all, you need high-quality equipment. Our sawmills will prove ideal – it is a quality appreciated by professionals all over the world at a very attractive price. Add to this the fact that it is equipment with very intuitive software and it is very easy to operate. You can easily set the thickness of the cut, the direction of feed on the track, smoothly change the speed of the machine, or adjust the height.

sawmill E MONSTER SAM large log cutting crisswood

In addition, when you buy a wood sawmill from us, you get a detailed manual and our professional help. Even after the sale you can keep in touch with us, send us your questions, and we will always be happy to dispel any doubts and give you additional advice.

Set up your own sawmill with one of our machines today and use its full potential! Thanks to our customers we know that carpentry industry is extremely creative and your ideas never end. Photos sent by you only confirm it.

Wood slices crisswood sawmill

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