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Is the sawmill only for woodworking?

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Is the sawmill only for woodworking?

The sawmill has been developed for simple, easy and fast woodworking. As many of our satisfied customers have confirmed, our models do this reliably! However, we began to wonder whether wood was the only material that could be processed with them. We didn’t have to wait long – as usual our customers responded quickly, proving to us that the use of sawmills is much wider and more versatile.

Sawmill cutting material crisswood

So what else can we use bandsaws for? One of the suggestions was shared by our customer. It turns out that our machines also improve the work with insulation foam. The thermal insulation material for residential buildings can be cut and processed without fear of damage. Our sawmills work very precisely, and thanks to an intuitive panel you have the possibility to easily change the parameters.

Sawmill cutting material crisswood

Another proposal for the use of band sawmills we got from our client. This time the sawmill served as a machine for cutting upholstery foam for filling car seats, motorcycles, quads or filters. Our machine also provides efficient and smooth work here.

Many times you have proved to us that your creativity has no end. We are curious how do you use our sawmills? If you would like to share your experiences and ideas with us, do not hesitate to write to us and send us your photos

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