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Investing in a modern band sawmill is a great choice

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If you work with wood products on a daily basis, you’ve probably noticed that prices have risen by over 100% in just a few months. How do you stay competitive and not scare off your customers by raising prices? Take a look at our standard sawmill offer.

E SAM MK crisswood sawmill

Our standard sawmill has an attractive, competitive price. Its purchase can pay for itself in just one month! This ergonomic, easy-to-use tool will allow you to work efficiently and quickly with wood.

Whether your daily work revolves around making furniture, patios, or any other type of sawmill, you will quickly see its advantages. This is a purchase that will last for years! Its durability and reliability are already appreciated by our customers.

Although wooden resources are still growing in price, the demand for wooden furniture and other products made of wood is not decreasing. Products made of wood will always be associated with solidity and great looks. Therefore, investing in a modern band sawmill is a great choice. We encourage interested parties to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions.

Best regards 😁. Family

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