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The E SAM TYPE MK 2006

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The E SAM TYPE MK 2006 band sawmill is a product that has been with us for over 15 years. These are years that we have spent on improving this machine based on our experience, the latest technologies and the opinions of our customers. As a result, this sawmill is the most popular machine in our offer, because the best quality goes hand in hand with the best price.

Sawmill E SAM MK crisswood

Wood products are now in great demand and you can make a lot of money on them if you use the material properly. Thanks to precise sawing, we can significantly reduce waste and make optimal use of the wood. An investment in our bandsaw will pay off quicker than you might think.

The versatile bandsaw with electric feed and cutting programmer is suitable for a wide range of industries and tasks. A reliable, certified machine which is unrivalled in its class! The basic configuration has a cutting width of 85 cm with a maximum log width of 95 cm. Includes clamp, pivot, clamping claws, 5 saws.

sawmill E SAM MK cutting wood

The E SAM TYPE MK 2006 band sawmill ensures comfortable, smooth and above all worry-free work. We give 12 months of warranty for it (excluding wearing parts – rollers, bearings, belts), and for motors as much as three years of warranty.

Smooth and pleasant operation is ensured by the smooth start-up mechanism and the cutting thickness programmer. Thanks to the fixed measuring scale, we can produce precise dimensions quickly and accurately every time. Control cuts performed on different types of wood make it possible to carry out full adjustment of the components.

Cutting thickness programmer

When you choose the E SAM TYPE MK 2006 band sawmill, you receive a functional sawmill which ensures the highest quality and cutting results. The work will proceed quickly and without waste of material or time. A machine that will prove its worth to you after just one order.

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