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How to make money from wood?

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Wood is an exceptionally graceful raw material. Its processing is relatively simple and it has many applications, so it is used in many industries, which gives us a lot of opportunities.  The demand for wood products is not decreasing, which gives us great opportunities to earn money.

E monster sam sawmill sawband crisswood log lumber

Wood prices have been steadily increasing since 2018. How are they rising? As the data over the last few years shows, prices peak in June and demand is at its highest. At the beginning of 2016 you sold a cubic of structural timber for about 350zl, while now your profit is three times higher!!! 

This is the perfect time for production.  In order to earn as much as possible from them, it is important to make optimal use of the raw material and limit losses as much as possible. The use of our band saws is ideal for this purpose. Our machines ensure exceptional cutting precision. Thanks to the intuitive control panel, setting all parameters takes very little time and guarantees repeatability.

The production of wood on our band sawmills therefore translates into real profit. In addition, these machines are virtually faultless. With the exception of wear parts, such as bearings and belts, which you can find in a shop near you and replace yourself, you can be sure of no downtime and a fast turnaround. With your own sawmill, you will quickly start your business.  There is a constant demand for high quality wood products. When you buy a sawmill, you can be sure of a quick return on your investment.

If you have ever wondered whether you can make money on woodworking, the answer is simple – yes! We invite you to look at our offer. Our consultants will be happy to give you expert advice on our band sawmills and the woodworking processes they offer.

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