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Do you know that band sawmill can be helpful in so many industries?

Sawmill manufacturing proccess

Response to market needs

Since the production of the first E MONSTER SAM sawmill, many industrial enterprises have contacted our company to use our machines on their production lines.

A significant feature for a certain group of customers was, among other things, the great precision of the machine during cutting. 🔪 In some production processes, our customers need accuracy up to 0.1 mm – E MONSTER SAM achieves such accuracy.

Guarantee of the quality

Our guarantee of quality for such companies are tests that we carry out using various blades on a specific material sent by the client. With mentioned methodology, we achieve the required cut quality on material that we may not have dealt with in the past. Only after receiving a positive result, the machine is finally handed over to the new owner!

Our customers have great ideas!

What customers can next do with our band sawmill, you can see in the photos below! The workspace below we can name in three words: efficient, precise and above all safe!

Sawmill workspace

Are you wondering if our band sawmill could automate your industry process as well? Contact us and together we will find a solution for you!


Pictures sent by our client from Sweden

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