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sawmill workspace

The sawmill workspace.

Once in a while, we get a message from you asking how to prepare the best possible workplace for our Band Sawmill. We will use the example of our customer who recently purchased an E SAM MK machine with an electric feed.

An even surface

The first of the attached photos shows correctly placed rails, placed on an even surface. It is very important that the sawmill is at an even level during the cut, as it affects the correctness of the cut. The correct (flat) position makes it easier for us to set the cutting components of the machine. The solution we recommend is a concrete screed.

sawmill rails

Enough free space

It is also important to leave enough free space around our band sawmill for free movement, transport of the cut material and, of course, the work of the machine and ours. Our efficiency and, above all, safety will depend on this space.

The roof above the workplace

The next element we will mention is not required, although it is recommended for the best possible long-term technical condition of our machine. We are talking here about the roof above the workplace. The roof protects our machine from weather conditions. In addition, we also will not have to get wet while working in bad weather. However, when planning the roofing, remember that it should not hinder the loading of wood on our sawmill.

sawmill workspace

The photos above show the workspace of one of our clients. If you are a person with your own band sawmill, we strongly encourage you to send photos of your workplace in the comments section. Show off what solutions you have used and let us know how they work!

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